Better Politics

In this short time I’ve learnt on hindsight the passion people attach to politics and political issues. Even among the church community. I hold the view that, what has mired interest and healthy engagement in social and economic issues in Ghana is the lack of knowledge and understanding. Notwithstanding, the entrench tribal and ethnic positions we often associated to leadership and governance.

Why I Give My Money To My Pastor

There have been occasions where some friends, subtly made statement like this “You guys are being deceived. You work and give your money to your Pastor. The Pastor ‘dey’ Chop your money”.
The idea of giving offering and giving of a Tithe, is very upsetting to some people. It is a spiritual discipline and i believe only those who are called can do it without a sense of loss.

So here are 5 responses I have given for giving in Church.

He is gone!


By Promise Miensah

Some people are awake, up and about, others are yet asleep. For some, they sleep a sleep that knows no waking up. At the breaking of a new day another life wears away. This dawn has sounded an alarm. Not a sound to wake-up a man, but one to sleep him cold; oh! The cold call of death. He is gone! A politician, a husband, a father of two has fallen by the edge of the sword. Certainly, another story filled with lots of “what could have beens”.